Cloud Technology Models for Businesses

Cloud computing is a great technology which gives access of data and programs outside of our own computing environment. By using this technology we can store data in “the cloud” rather than storing data and software in personal computers or servers. Cloud and computing both are different aspects. Computing is a service like servers, databases, […]

Extensive Smart Phone Usage Negatively Affecting Desktop Computing Skills

Like Dennis the Menace, the smart phones have created a menace by setting expectations and behaviors that are creating difficulties for the newer generation. Youngsters have grown up by spending more time on smart phones and tabs and lesser time on desktops and laptops. They have worked less on desks and more on couches, sitting […]


Automation of IT Testing

To save money and time, now-a-days businesses are replacing their workforce with automated machines. The tasks that are done by humans or under their guidance are simply getting replaced by computers. The word ‘Automation’ is originated from the automobile industry (Ford motors) to mention the use of automatic devices and controls. But the term is […]

How is Content Delivery Network Beneficial?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) can also be called as Content Distribution Network. It is an important element which is used for faster delivery of content to the websites. Basically, CDN has multiple servers located globally at different locations from which the data is delivered to the user over internet with a minimum loading time. As […]


Why SMBs are Moving to Software Subscriptions?

There are several reasons why businesses are moving today to the subscription model of software as a paid service instead of traditional licensing model. Software subscriptions such as cloud or on-premises models are becoming most popular deployment choices for businesses, whether it is for internal business process or for external website application purpose. The main […]

Various Types of Gardening and its Tools

Gardening is the act of growing and cultivating the organic things, that are highly hygienic to us. Gardening is done on a piece of ground, that will be considered as a garden, where multiple things can be cultivated like flower, herbs, vegetables, fruits etc. It also purifies the environment and keeps us connected with nature. […]

Gardening as a Relaxation Hobby

When life gets busy we all look for various ways to relax and unwind our stress. Either we seek entertainment activities or cultivate some hobbies to get away from all our work pressures. Among many hobbies gardening is one such relaxation technique that can make us forget all our problems for a while and keep […]

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