What Colors Say?

Generally different colors have different effects on our minds; some can cause stress while some can relieve it. So find the meanings of different colors and find ways to use them in your own life, whether it is in your wardrobe, home décor or just in your thoughts.

  • White: White stands for cleanliness, purity and peace. It can be used for cleansing your soul or for welcoming new beginnings
  • Gray: Gray is a combination of black and white, yin and yang. Gray is the color of defense, so use it in visualization and meditation to help keep away from any sort of confrontations.
  • Gold: Gold promotes confidence and is the color of success. It is also a symbol of money.
  • Red: Red can be an anger inducing color, but it is also the color of energy and of passion. We give red roses to the ones we love as a symbol of those feelings
  • Orange: can bring you personal happiness; wear just flair of orange to bring a little joy to every day.
  • Black: Black is known to symbolize the sinister side of life, related to evil, death and black magic.
  • Yellow: Yellow is the color of communication, but is also a sign of weakness.
  • Green: Green is a symbol of new love, just as it is a symbol of spring.
  • Blue: Blue represents loyalty and wisdom. It is a healing color and is a very calming color.
  • Pink: Pink is undoubtedly the color of love. Most people think of Valentine’s Day and hearts when they envision the color pink.
  • Silver: Silver is a symbol of money just as gold is. It is linked to the moon.
  • Purple: Purple is the color of royalty, worn by priests, kings and emperors. It is the color of the spirit and higher levels of existence.
  • Brown: Brown represents the absorption of knowledge, a good color to paint a room in which you will be studying.

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