Transmission of Data through Light

These days where time is treated as God, you need to have new innovations to make your work faster. And as data transmissions are an important aspect of the work, we need faster methodologies for this aspect too. We can’t imagine anything faster than the light yet. Then why not we find a way to use light as source of transmission of data? Actually there is a lot of research work going on to find a way to transmit data through light. We don’t need high LASER lights for this. This can be done only by usage of visible light.

We are still in research stage of using light-emission diodes to turn ordinary household fixtures such as light bulbs, televisions, or even flashlights into data transmission tools. Soon, it may be possible for a person trapped in a burning building to hold up a cell phone to a light fixture in order to notify firefighters of his or her danger. Imagine the situation where we can transfer an entire movie from one TV set to the next one in seconds just through refracting light waves bouncing between the two televisions. There will be many such boons when we are successful in this process.

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