How Does Alcohol Influence Your Career?

Alcohol consumption is another issue besides drug addiction. The reason that it poses a serious problem in the society is that it is not illicit or illegal alcohol, when compared to the drug consumption. It is easier to buy alcohol as it is not illegal to buy or sell alcohol, in general. But that doesn’t mean that your boss will appreciate when you attend your work in alcoholic state. When alcohol is consumed it affects brain by inducing many forms of typical behavior outputs such as impaired judgment, extreme emotion, and slowed behavior. Long-term effects include damage in cognitive behavior such as difficulty in learning new things, inefficient creativity and problem solving. The alcohol consumption with respect to the work place may be drinking before a shift, in lunch breaks or during work hours. Drinking in workplace results in increase in absenteeism, under-performing due to being under the influence of drink or having a hangover from drinking the previous night, possibilities to face accidents, and finally when you are caught positive by employee drug testing campaign it is an extra cost for your employer to replace you.

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