How People Get Addicted To Drugs?

People get addicted to bad things easier than to the good ones. When somebody says addiction we automatically think of drugs. Because it is very easy to get addicted to drugs and so hard to get rid of addiction. I strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. If we know what helps get us addicted to drugs, we may try to reduce a little risk of getting addicted.

Human brain is very vulnerable, especially to bad things. So main cause of drug addiction is human’s weakness in struggle of being a social being. This struggle, we face it daily and there are many who feel themselves as incompetent here. So this leads to lack of willpower, by poverty, moral weakness, mental illness, genetics, family socialization, anti-social personalities, and societal problems. And a human starts thinking to run away from all this hard ships, somebody introduces him this way to forget society. He feels it good for first time, better for second and from third time he is addicted to it.

So just prevent yourself feeling incompetent to face life. This helps you keep away from searching other ways to escape struggle. This will be the best step to get rid of addiction. And for the people who are already addicted to drugs, I suggest to cooperate with people around you who are striving to make you normal. Life is more beautiful out here than it looks.

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