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Yet another Crazy UFO Game

It was in May 2007 that this game was released in the name “UFO: Extraterrestrials”. I don’t know whether UFOs really exist or not, but I don’t understand why they make such games. They try to run something on UFOs and aliens, and expect them to be super hits. It is not fair at all […]


Global Impact of US Financial Panic

We always wish for good things when things start going wrong. Same thing was expected by other countries about their economies when US financial panic started. They wished that the financial crashes shouldn’t influence their markets. Even it appeared that the impact of the recent financial panic and ongoing economic downturn might be largely contained […]


How To Manage HR In Recession

Effects of recession are seen on every aspect of the of business as well as individuals life. Human Resources Management (HRM) faces similar many challenges. New ideas are established in HRM to make it effective in recession times. And it also needs to change the HRM policies and process based on the current scenario and […]