A Village Of Stone-Age Found Under Greece

They might not be aware that they are going to reveal history to the world before starting their usual pipeline works for natural gas. And imagine the astonishment and joy they felt when they discovered buried homes of around 7000 years ago.

The homes were estimated to be of 5th century BC, with all the advanced trends of Stone Age. They were said to be the remains of Neolithic-era which once prevailed in Greece.

They found that the houses were built of wood and unbaked bricks made of clay. The ruins seem to give a hint of the cause of destruction of all those homes as fire.

Archaeologists have recovered huge treasure of pottery of those times; as well as painted vases and their equipment and weapons.

It was used as small size cemetery after 4000 years after the abandonment of that place as a settlement. They excavated 15 graves of around fourth to first century BC from the ruins.

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