French People Spend Half of American’s Expense for Health

French people get quick and efficient medical care and costs half what Americans spend on their health care. French people take health care seriously and manage to provide health care system, which different from Americans.

In this summer, my friend delivered twins in Paris because she was French; their entire family is covered by French Social Security system. She stayed nine days in private room and cost was about $190, they treat all the people coming to emergency are treated equal and they don’t say to patients-you don’t have money or proper insurance, we can’t treat you.

Cost of medical help in United States is double than the cost of medical care in France. In US, emergency rooms are indebted to treat and at least stabilize everyone but due to the cost of medical care many American’s never visit a doctor until it’s an emergency.

In France, people visits hospitals whenever there is a problem minor or major because they can afford the treatment. French government set prices for everything, which is reasonable, so French doctors make less money when compared to American doctors. The French government also takes care about drug store; the people needn’t pay anything for the drugs.

On pre capita basis, French appends about $3,400 a year for health care and US spends almost the double of this figure but still 46 million Americans are uninsured. We can only hope that every country makes high efforts to provide efficient medical care as provided by France.