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$12,000 Ground Rent For Apartment Owners

The New Zealand apartment owners are facing a ground rent issue at present. The ground rent has been suddenly increased by 400 percent the previous year. The earlier ground rent for the Auckland’s Beaumont Quarter opposite Victoria Park was between $1900 and $3900 a year. This was one of the largest high-density housing estates of […]


Stress In The Workplace

Daily, many managers face some employee absenteeism, and every missing worker cuts productivity, increases the strain on the employees who show up for work as promised, and costs your bottom line to some added costs per employee every year. Sick days are often used; a recent survey indicates that two out of three employees who […]


Hospitality 2009: UK’s Largest Hospitality Exhibition

In the present tough economic environment, it is very much essential to have some popular and great events for any industry. This increases the confidence in the industry and helps them to do better than they did previously. Hospitality 2009 is going to be one of such events to embrace the hospitality industry with creation […]

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Pirates Drown With Ransom: Body of One Retrieved With Money

Poor pirates! They couldn’t enjoy for what they strived for. They didn’t know that it would be their last day of work and last pay. They have drowned along with their share of money which never helped them to stop from drowning during all this time. Actually, pity is not necessary. I don’t know if […]


Video Games Aiding In Army Recruiting

US army is desperately looking out for ways to get more recruiting. They have many big challenges at present, like Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and are now in a recruiting spree to make sure that they don’t fall of army in urgent situations. At the same time, videogames have much demand all over the nation. […]