Pirates Drown With Ransom: Body of One Retrieved With Money

Poor pirates! They couldn’t enjoy for what they strived for.

They didn’t know that it would be their last day of work and last pay. They have drowned along with their share of money which never helped them to stop from drowning during all this time.

Actually, pity is not necessary. I don’t know if they have paid for their bad deeds, but they died very bad death.

The money with which they drowned was a big sum ($3 million). I don’t know if all of that money is going to come back ever or tarnished in the water?

People were already able to retrieve $153,000, from the body of one of those pirates. It washed ashore along with the ransom money, wrapped in a plastic bag in the body’s pocket. Let’s wish for rest of the money to come ashore too.

And over all this, there were 3 pirates along with the drowned; they were able to survive, but lost their share of money which was with the drowned.

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