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Kids into Unnecessary Vitamin Intakes

The concept of external vitamin supplements has been introduced to deal with children whose mothers fail to make them eat required amount of food everyday. But these days’ children seem to pop them in like some candies; though there it is not required for them. According to recent survey, about one-third of US teens and […]

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Business Models For New Ideas

Here is a list I put together of common business models to think about when you evaluate your business ideas. Advertise – Create content in paper or electronic form and provide the content or free while charging advertisers to reach your audience. Arbitrage – Find two assets or markets that normally move in sync. Monitor […]


How does Marijuana Affect Teenagers’ Education?

Marijuana is the most commonplace illicit drug in the United States. Marijuana is also called cannabis, weed, grass etc. Its use among young people has generally increased in the last decade since 2007. There are more teenage smokers of marijuana than those of cigarettes according to annual survey data. Marijuana has several effects on brain […]

World Faces American Visitors Crisis

Americans have become more conscious over their spending. They are no more the world’s lavishly spending people. They have plunged into the latest trend of cost conscious thing. And this is where people all over the world, who depend on America, are struggling. Especially, the travel and tourism industry is suffering the most. American visitors […]