How does Marijuana Affect Teenagers’ Education?

Marijuana is the most commonplace illicit drug in the United States. Marijuana is also called cannabis, weed, grass etc. Its use among young people has generally increased in the last decade since 2007. There are more teenage smokers of marijuana than those of cigarettes according to annual survey data.

Marijuana has several effects on brain and the body. It is a dangerous drug and has the power to ruin anyone’s life. The effects of marijuana on the teenagers may vary, but they are negative. Most of the teenagers prefer this drug as it is easy for them to buy and use. But they don’t know the harmful effects of this dangerous drug.

The use of marijuana disrupts the normal function of brain in teenagers which gets reflected by impairment of concentration and coordination: attributes critical for learning. It can hurt educational as well as social life of teenagers which plays a vital role in developing positive qualities. Marijuana can mess up teenager’s brain causing difficulty in academics.

Use of marijuana causes loss of attention in the class room which leads to failure academic and ultimately causes drop-out from school or college. The person may feel more discouraged and becomes more addictive towards the drugs.

Marijuana use causes severe drops in interest in learning. The person will feel drowsy in the class room and can’t stay attentive to what is taught. It makes very hard to recall the subject and events held in the class room, thus leads to poor performance in the exams.

The use of marijuana by teenagers effects are negative and can cause high school drop outs and ruins their educational life.