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Global Trade To Beat The WW II Times

The World Trade Organization has predicted a 9 percent decline in global trade. If this happens, the situations are record-worst since the times of World War II. Also, the record of unabated increase of global trade since 1982, would simply impede. According to WTO’s announcement, the richer countries will experience worse global trades. And the […]


How Arts Are Affected By Recession?

I didn’t know that a recession could impact these many things. Everything bad going on in most of the recent news is somehow or the other related with recession. I was surprised that even pets get affected due to recession. So, I am not surprised when I saw this news. According to a recent study […]

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Cuts In Adult Literacy Programs Worry Immigrants

Do you think all the people who enter into the borders of US do speak English compulsorily? If you think so, then you are not aware of our immigrant policies or stats. Many adults immigrate to US without even the basic knowledge of English. But we have standard adult literacy programs, which are helping these […]


How to Plan Your Own Celebrations

With proper planning, you can thoroughly enjoy your own celebrations. Time, money, and effort are important aspects to make your celebrations successful. If company celebrating birthday, or founding or incorporation date. The following are few things to make your celebration a success. Decide where to want to celebrate; timings of celebrations etc are to be […]


I Like To Build a Fishing Chair for My Grandpa

My grandpa loves to read and fishing is his hobby. I can buy chair from any big departmental store for less than 20 bucks but I want to make a fishing chair and present it to my grandpa as a gift. This fishing chair can be built from scratch with scrap. There are few steps […]


Trend Of Jewelry Manufacturers In U.S: 2008

According to census data taken from both the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Census Bureau, there are nearly 1,700 jewelry manufacturers in the U.S. Sadly, this number has declined, after remaining relatively steady for about two decades. From 1986, when business census records started adapting to modern day industry organizations, until 2002, the […]