How Arts Are Affected By Recession?

I didn’t know that a recession could impact these many things. Everything bad going on in most of the recent news is somehow or the other related with recession. I was surprised that even pets get affected due to recession.

So, I am not surprised when I saw this news. According to a recent study by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, mid-size art organizations were extremely hit by the bad economy. I didn’t understand why the case is with only mid-size art organizations. But the experts say that many of these organizations lack in endowments and cash reserves. They don’t even have access to online credit; and have extreme integral costs to comply with the quality of their work. And the donors, who used to support these organizations to some extent or the other are hit by bad running businesses or sudden layoffs. Amid of their crisis, they are hardly in a situation to donate something to some one.

So, the position is not expected to recover until the entire economy recovers from recession.

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