Trend Of Jewelry Manufacturers In U.S: 2008

According to census data taken from both the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Census Bureau, there are nearly 1,700 jewelry manufacturers in the U.S. Sadly, this number has declined, after remaining relatively steady for about two decades.

From 1986, when business census records started adapting to modern day industry organizations, until 2002, the number of U.S jewelry manufacturers remained relatively steady at nearly 2,100. But, between 2002 and 2006 (according to the latest corresponding government data), the number of U.S. jewelry manufacturers reduced by nearly 20 percent to its present level of approximately 1,700.

There are further 700 manufacturing businesses which will support the jewelry industry, like watchmakers and producers of jewelry materials (castings, for example), and also producers of precious jewelry goods and associated items. The number of manufacturing support businesses has declined almost 20 percent in the last few years, same like the number of jewelry manufacturers.

Thus, the U.S. jewelry manufacturing industry, also consisting of supporting businesses, represents nearly 2,400 entities.