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Video Game Market Lack Of Hot New Titles

This is the break for the alleged recession-proof industry – video games. All fellow other industries can now stop growing jealous against the video game industry – at least for now. The new US video game sales numbers for the month of March, have proved that Video game industry is not recession-proof. The economy crisis […]


IBM To Slash 5000 Jobs

There is another massive job cut to come from the giant player of the IT industry. IBM announced to cut around 5000 jobs and just from US. This would probably increase the unemployment rate to a certain extent, as the number is big this time. The shares of IBM are running a little slower than […]

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Discovery Heads Back To Home

Discovery has completed its mission successfully and heading back home. Guess what it is bringing back from space! An amazing picture of the space station with its new wings attached. It is not a fiction or a computer graphics. A true thing – hanging at an altitude of 240 miles – above in the sky. […]


Existing Home Sales Take A Surprising Rise

The US housing market seems to be recovering soon from the recession than any of the industries. The exiting home sales were reported to increase by 5.1 percent in February. The annual rate has increased to 4.72 million units from 4.49 million units in January. This rise is surprising as well as significant amid the […]