Discovery Heads Back To Home

Discovery has completed its mission successfully and heading back home. Guess what it is bringing back from space! An amazing picture of the space station with its new wings attached. It is not a fiction or a computer graphics. A true thing – hanging at an altitude of 240 miles – above in the sky.

It is also bringing some by-product samples of the astronauts there to conduct experiments here. You may think it as otherwise, but it is very valuable information for the scientists working on living organism behaviors in space.

The Discovery crew gifted our space station with new solar wings, a starboard segment, and a recycling system, which converts urine to drinking water again.

It was Discovery’s 36th successful mission. Its first one was on 1984. It has another mission on August 6th this year.

I can’t imagine myself in the position of astronauts biding goodbye to fellow human beings. They will have to wait for some more time until a next team of crew is coming to them along with some tourists.

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