Video Game Market Lack Of Hot New Titles

This is the break for the alleged recession-proof industry – video games. All fellow other industries can now stop growing jealous against the video game industry – at least for now.

The new US video game sales numbers for the month of March, have proved that Video game industry is not recession-proof. The economy crisis can affect it; and even the video games can be included in the cutbacks list of the households.

According to the numbers from NPD group, US videogames fell 17 percent in March. Wait a second; did we actually had any fresh stuff to buy from the industry? If we think of it a little bit, the answer will be negative. Video game industry didn’t sound great in the last month. I didn’t hear of any super hit game titles.

So, the problem is with the industry and not the customers. The industry is in boom, and people in the industry are not making good use of it.

And what we can do? I don’t want to buy another copy of Resident Evil 5 or Halo wars. I already bought them and they are fine.

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