How Technology Is Helping Sportsmen?

The main objective of technology is to make things easier and faster for us. Technology has made many things like transportation, work, communications, etc, very easy to handle. We haven’t done much invention on sports side though. The inventions, I am talking about, do not include live telecasting or replays which made an easy thing for us to enjoy and judge in sports; but about increasing the capability and capacity of sportsmen.

With the recent Olympics, we have come across much invention in the sports side, which makes sportsmen easier to win the competition. But these are not appreciable in serious competitions as they decrease the spirit of sportsmanship. We saw many records have been replaced by new ones in many sports this time. None of them could have done that without the usage of technology in extreme levels. These new technology gadgets are influencing success in sports.

So slowly there will be no more competition in terms of talent and hard work. They are going to be replaced by technology and gadgets war.

Then what will be the difference between the robot sports and human sports?

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