Huge Fluctuations on Online Shopping Spending

Everyone is disturbed and distracted due the effects of financial crisis and global problems. Retailers, consumers, online shops are getting disturbed. As this is holiday season, most of business for retailers and online business does well and they get business of entire year in this particular season. But this year, the case is totally different. Online shops are facing the fate similar to High Street with only few spending customers.

Since 2001, this is the first time where online businesses have seen decline in their sales. There were only $8.2 billion sales in November, 4% down from the last year’s figures. But everyone is expecting rise in their sales by the time of Christmas. The weeks of November were very disappointing for online sellers with low sales and less disposable income. 19% increase was seen in holiday season of last year but this year there was 9% over the first 10 months of 2008.

Hope this changes soon and every one enjoys the holidays happily.

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