How Disability Confidence Improves Organizational Performance?

Many businesses assume that accommodating disabled people is a costly thing. In fact it is a wrong assumption. Anticipating the disabled needs will help you develop disabled confidence which in turn results in profit from ageing population, the needs of the individual, changing working patterns and enabling technology. You will also become a better employer or service provider and reduce your organization’s risk of litigation under the Disability Discrimination Act.

The Disability Standard is the only management tool that enables organizations to accurately measure their performance on disability. Thus it helps you to take accurate steps required to increase business confidence. The Disability standard enables you to employ people on the basis of their contribution to the business, promote new sources of ideas and creativity, improve quality of customer care, and also to build reputation and brand royalty.

Disability is now an established element of good HR management. However there are lots of aspects where most companies have yet to develop real disability confidence; most have little understanding of the implications of disability for all areas of the business, including in the marketplace and are not yet acting to improve the way in which they interact with all disabled people.

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