What is Communication and Effective Communication?

Communication: Communication is the process or activity of conveying information through exchange of thoughts, speech, signals, visuals or writing. It is the primary factor which differentiates animals to human beings. Communication involves a sender (who sends or conveys a message), a message and a recipient (who receives the message). If the recipient understands the message sent by the sender, the process is complete. Communication is the exchange or flow of information within people or group of people.

Communication can be done by
1. Written communication
2. Oral communication

Written Communication: It is the communication that is involves writing or symbols (printed too). Writing is more unique and formal than speech. But speech is spontaneous while writing causes delay as feedback is not immediate.

Oral Communication: It is the communication that can be done through mouth. It may be either directly or indirectly (telephonic conversation). The feedback is spontaneous and thus decisions can be made quickly without any delay of time.

Effective Communication:
Effective communication is about more than just exchanging the information. It includes writing, reading and listening in an active manner. It improves relationships at home, workplace and enables to solve problems. It helps improve teamwork, in difficult situations. It needs more effort and practice to become an effective communicator. It includes many things: one should be a good listener, should control stress, should have good non-verbal communication, should possess conflict resolution skills.

Effective communication makes a person to connect better with his/her partner, kids, coworkers, friends and audience.

Effective communication includes not only the information but also the emotion behind the information. One should learn and read more and more to become an effective communicator. It is significant to make an effort to speak in English to friends and family.

Effective communication involves much more than just speaking clearly. Be a good listener and do not interrupt the speaker. After the speech is over, you can raise the points whichever you want to clarify. The speaker as well as the listener should possess a good eye to eye contact, body language. Effective communication is clear in content and respectful to the other person. Moreover, effective communicators do not interrupt.