Exercising moderation-part of physical fitness

Generally, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend one to two hours of cardiovascular exercise along with strength training a week for adults. Daily work out is essential for a healthy, balanced lifestyle, but some people push that thing to the extreme levels resulting in compulsive or obsessive exercise.

Compulsive exercise has a lot of ill effects on health and social life. Compulsive or obsessive exercisers generally find comfort in doing physical exercises. They are similar to the way binge eaters get attracted to food. They become so passionate about the physical exercises that they run into an unhealthy degree of fitness.

They will be ready to sacrifice their health and social lives to burn calories by obsessed exercising. They tend to work out even when they are sick or injured.

Women generally think that getting in shape often means getting thinner. They don’t focus on developing cardiovascular fitness, strengthening the muscles, flexibility and stamina. In the same way men think that getting fitter means getting bigger and stronger muscles. Balance and self-control are very important while doing exercises.

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