How To Recognize A Drug Addict

If you can recognize drug abuse in early stage, you can help them before it becomes a developed addiction. Every drug has both mental and physical impact on the abuser, which affects social and work interactions adversely.

Look into the eyes of a person you doubt of drug abuse. Things to observe for stimulant abusers are a glazed, glassy look to the eyes and large pupils and they will avoid eye contact. The abusers of Cocaine and methamphetamine will also exhibit these symptoms and wear sunglasses to avoid identification. Stimulant abusers will have a problem in sitting stable and will frequently jump from one place to the next during conversation. Irritability and temperament blows will be noticed.

Drug abusers of LSD or psychedelics will possess glassy eyes and a blank look. They will sometimes appear like daydreamers and ignore things, which are said to them. Barbiturate abusers like Valium and other depressants look lazy and sleepy. They fall asleep in remote places and also have falling, slurred speech, droopy eyelids and a general drunken appearance. Drug abusers of opiates like heroin and morphine have pinpoint pupils. An opiate drug abuser has itchy skin and he frequently scratches.  Often, individuals who have a problem with drug addiction will not admit that they have a problem.

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