Impact of Snow on Your Garden

Miniature GardenThe impact of thick blanket of snow on your garden can be both positive and negative. Most people think that there will be no affect of snow on gardening. As onset of the thick blanket of snow increases, the garden activities and the interest in peoples mind will get dimmer and dimmer. This is to make you aware of some of the facts that will be very useful for you while gardening mostly in winters.

Benefits of snow
miniature gardenSnow is a good insulator. Even if the snow falls and gets piled up, the ground never freezes during winters. Though the stems of plants may become inactive, roots continue to grow irrespective of the temperatures. As the soil doesn’t get cold, earthworms and soil microbes will continue their work.

Snow helps both permanent and newly planted trees to grip firmly into the ground. As the ground covered with snow is insulated, it rarely experiences temperature swings. This is very favorable for the plant to gain firmness with the soil.


Disadvantages of snowFairy garden
Apart from its advantages, the snow has some disadvantages too. Roots and some stems may withstand the cold or snow but leaves turn to mush when covered by that same moist blanket.

Snow intensifies the problems with animals or pests. As the grass on the ground goes missing, the goats or sheep turn their attention towards the fruits or vegetables or fruits above the ground level. Rodents become independent and explore the whole area as they will be protected by the snowy layer, which makes it difficult for their predators track them. A thick blanket of snow helps rabbits to reach higher branches of the trees.

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