Will Auto recalls hit the industry at a crucial time of recovery?

Auto recalls are surely have an impact on the sales of the vehicle as a whole. Because, they are many people who are just adopting a wait and watch plan if they wanted to buy a new vehicle (of any company). And if someone who decided to buy something from either Toyota or Honda should be thinking twice before proceeding further. And no wonder if someone booked a car and waiting for the delivery is trying to find a way out.

It seemed that cash for clunkers is working with the increase in the number of vehicles sold holding the thousands of jobs in the automobile sector. It seemed that with the positive holiday shopping, the consumer confidence has came back, where auto customers will come out to spend on new purchases with out any deal from the government. At this crucial time, the recalls because of the faulty equipment that are crucial for the safety of the passengers will make the buyers to think twice before making a decision.

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