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Best Wagon Models For 2010 Consumers

Wagon is passenger comfort, cargo capacity and pleasant driving dynamics car model. The following are the top pick wagon models: Ford Flex This is a cool looking well-designed alternative to minivans and seven seater crossover’s SUV’s. This provides hands free chat and music control via synchronization. Kia Soul This is a descent car, which gives […]

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Inhalant Abuse a Deadly Middle-School Concern

Study found that huffing is more common compared to smoking pot, snorting cocaine among 12-year-olds. It found that, most of the 12-year-olds have taken inhalants in order to get high than marijuana, cocaine and hallucinogens mixed. The deadly inhalants are comprised of aerosol computer cleaners, glue, hair sprays, paint solvents and gasoline. These can be […]

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Tag Your World With Stickybits

Stickybits is an app for iPhone and Android which makes a person to directly tag the real world items around and design a digital history or story. It is implemented with the help of barcode scanners. Any existing barcode of any object can be scanned using this app. The images of barcodes can also be […]

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YouTube Adds Video Captions For Deaf

YouTube is initiating to open tens of millions of videos it hosts to the deaf and to those finding hard to hear by embedding automatic captions on them. The Google-owned company said this use of speech recognition technology is perhaps the biggest experiment of this kind online. Previously captions were just a small amount of […]


Russia Launches ‘Cash-For-Clunkers’

Russia introduced a cash-for-clunkers program giving support to trade drivers to sell old cars and buy new ones to encourage a domestic market which is badly affected by the global economic crisis. Under the experimental program, the government will provide discounts of 50,000 rubles (S$2,350) to those who desires to sell a car which is […]


Yuejin Motor Adds Holding In SAIC Motor To 5.5%

The Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission certified Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (Group) will hand over 40.3066 million shares of SAIC Motor Corporation (SHSE: 600104) to Yuejin Motor (Group) Corp. for free. Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and Yuejin Motor (Group) Corp.  confirmed their share transfer agreement on April 28 last year. SAIC Motor sustains […]


Trends in Sedan’s Design

For many people all over the world, the image that blinks in a person’s mind when talking about a car is a sedan. The three-box type body of the sedan was dominant in the last century. It got the name of three-box type sedan is due to its structure. Its structure can be classified as […]

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