Campaign To Transform Poverty As History

Make poverty, as history was the campaign, which increased awareness and pressure on governments for taking actions towards relieving absolute poverty. The positive effect of this campaign mainly helped to number of countries like Australia, Canada and many more other developed and developing countries.

These campaigns are the part of the international ‘Global Call’. It is a union of aid and development agencies, which work together to raise awareness of global poverty and achieve policy change by the government. Following major action plan and awareness took placed in different country’s campaign:

  • UK campaign groups mobilized around the UK to increase awareness and pressurize the government. The symbol of the campaign was a white “awareness bracelet”
  • In Canada, campaign was launched with four major objectives:
  • More and better foreign aid
  • Trade justice
  • To cancel all the debts owed by poor countries to developed countries
  • To eliminate child poverty in Canada
  • In US campaign, members demanded to raise voice against poverty

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