Drug Abusers Pose Serious Threats to Others

Drug abuse is not only dangerous for the abuser, it also dangerous for the people around him. Whatever is the situation or place, it is never safe for any person. Let us consider a few important places where drug abuse or addiction may cause serious problems.

Home: Any family in which a member abuses drugs is potentially unsafe than other families. A drug addict neglects moral values and relationships. He will not be concerned about the well being the family. There will be much drug related violence in the house. Drug addicts attract many diseases, which may spread to the family members at home. Indirect effect of drugs like when a person smokes at home, it affects the others nearby. Drug abusers or addicts generally steal money or valuables from home to purchase drugs.

School: Schools are one of the major places where children, particularly teens get exposed to the harmful drugs. Drug abuse at school lowers a students concentration levels and results in poor performance in academics. Peers encourage others to abuse drugs. Drug abusing students are generally unhealthy compared to others. This may spread some diseases. Students abusing drugs involve in spreading violence at schools.

Work Place: Drug abusers are one of the main sources of accidents at work places. Due to their poor judgment skills, less physical coordination, and impaired senses they are prone to many accidents. In these accidents, others around them may also suffer. There are many chances for them to trigger violence at work place. Apart from these, the employer may suffer huge losses due to the employees less productivity, absenteeism, health costs, materials destroyed in the accidents etc.

Public Places: Drug abusers pose a severe threat to other people at public places. Many road accidents happen due to drug abuse. People driving under the influence of drugs are more prone to accidents as they skills required to focus on driving will be impaired. These accidents harm other travelers on the road.

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