New Era In Egyptian Election, “Multi-Candidate Presidential Election”

President Hosni Mubarak brought a new era in 2005 Egyptian presidential election. As per this amendment of constitution, “multi-candidate presidential election” is allowed.

Earlier in Egypt, presidential election followed by following rule:

  • The President was elected by “Majority votes’ in a referendum.
  • No one could run against the President due to a restriction in the Egyptian constitution
  • People’s Assembly play main role to elect the President of the Republic.

Thus, to overcome from all, Mubarak passed a constitutional amendment, which allows parties directly running against the incumbent president. But this was totally criticized in domestic and international platform. Hence, this constitution amendment was finally replaced by “multi-candidate presidential election”.

With this constitutional law:

  • The 2005 ballot was a multiple candidate election rather than a referendum
  • The electoral institutions and security apparatus came under the control of the President.

This constitution law basically helped Mubarak to re-elect in presidential election. But, this constitution surely helps Egypt in coming future with positive result and development.