Tag Your World With Stickybits

Stickybits is an app for iPhone and Android which makes a person to directly tag the real world items around and design a digital history or story. It is implemented with the help of barcode scanners. Any existing barcode of any object can be scanned using this app. The images of barcodes can also be downloaded for printing.

Once a barcode is scanned, a message can be attached to it. This barcode can be used in business card which gets connected to the resume online or LinkedIn. An artist can easily connect a link to their website or digital downloads from a barcode present on their CD. A barcode can be stuck on the back of family photos and a description can be added and may be linked to the digital translations of the photos.

Each barcode will act as its own discussion thread. The first user starts the thread by scanning the code and by building up some type of message or media. Whoever comes after this will scan the same barcode will be able to see the original message. There will also be an option to prolong the conversation by adding their own message. Each message is geo-tagged which makes it easy to see what happened, and where it occurred. With this app, there is also an advantage of social aspect, where a person can track individuals and see what’s going on with their items and locations. A person will get notified whenever a person scans, moves object, or adds a message to it.