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Factors Responsible For Consumer Buying Jewelry

There are two sets of factors which consumers use to decide why to purchase jewelry. The first set is associated with the determination to shop for jewelry. The second set is associated with the actual purchase of the jewelry. According to study conducted by an Advertising Age study, the first set of factors, consumers tell […]

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Hyderabad-India-Online.Com Includes New Maps Offering Better Coverage Of Hyderabad

Released by: Hyderabad-India-Online.Com included new maps of different areas of Hyderabad and expanded the information on Hyderabad Maps. The customized maps that cover commercial, residential, old city, and sub-urban areas of Hyderabad have been identified after detailed and extensive research. Matching the rate at which Hyderabad is expanding and developments are being made, these […]

Marvist Consulting Successfully Adds New Clients across 3 Continents

Marvist Consulting successfully added new clients across 3 continents by providing professional, result-oriented, and value based services. The cost effective and timely solutions provided by Marvist have been instrumental in expanding its client base across 3 continents. Marvist Consulting provides services to small and mid-sized companies globally to improve their business by effectively providing Internet […]

How Cocaine Smuggling Reduced In U.S. Drugs Market

Cocaine is a kind of illicit drug, which is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant. Earlier, there was a stable market of cocaine in America. But, after 2007, cocaine market was totally changed. From 2007 to 2009 there was huge shortage of cocaine in U.S market. No any single factor is noticed behind this decline. […]


A New Trend in Home Automation

Home automation is a kind of process in which all household appliances get automated using electronic devices and wireless technology to control them from anywhere in the house. Some of the common examples of home automation are automatic or semi-automatic control of lighting, doors and windows, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, and security and surveillance […]


$3.8 Trillion Budget Passed By President Obama

President Obama announced $3.8 trillion budget for 2011 and his 10 years budget plan. This budget includes $6.1 trillion deficit for the next year. This budget cuts many domestic programs and spending like: NASA return trips to moon. This new budget will make balance between two competing goals: Continued government spending to boost the weak […]


Trends Of Online Businesses in 2009

At present, in many developed nations, practically each business has online presence, whether it might be a brick-and-mortar (traditional business), a brick-and-click (a business which sells both in online and also at a physical location), or a pure-play (only online business without physical counterpart) enterprise. Among the 100 most popular websites in 2009, pure-play websites […]

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