Factors Responsible For Consumer Buying Jewelry

There are two sets of factors which consumers use to decide why to purchase jewelry. The first set is associated with the determination to shop for jewelry. The second set is associated with the actual purchase of the jewelry.

According to study conducted by an Advertising Age study, the first set of factors, consumers tell that they buy luxury products like jewelry for the following reasons, in a sequence ranked most important to least important:

  • To buy things I know will last
  • For my well-being
  • To enjoy my favorite brands
  • To feel good about myself
  • To indulge myself
  • To express myself
  • To be able to rationalize my purchase
  • To feel successful
  • To be optimistic
  • To be lighthearted
  • To make an impression
  • To be fabulous
  • As a status symbol

Most of the purchases of big ticket consumer durables are not made sensibly.

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