Availability Of Drugs Increased In U.S

Smuggling of drugs includes illegal transportation of Cocaine, Heroin, and Marijuana. Year by year, drug smuggling is increasing very rapidly. Expansion activity from Mexican drug cartels is the main reason for huge drug availability in U.S market.

According to National Drug Threat Assessment (NDTA) 2010 report trafficking and abuse of drugs affects everyone and it makes economic loss of $215 billion annually. This report also states that Mexican cartels are the single greatest drug trafficking threat to the United States and they have operation in both regions of the United States i.e. rural and suburban areas.

A rise in the purity of heroin, a drop in its price and an increase rate in overdoses and overdose deaths gives a clear picture of increased drugs availability in U.S market. According to government official, Heroin production in Mexico jumped from 17 the metric tons in 2007 to 38 tons in 2008.

According to report, illicit drugs are even smuggled from larger border of America. This report also staes that, MDMA availability is noticed in U.S market because of the Asian criminal organizations. They cultivate it into Canada and smuggle it into the United States.

NDTA report gives a comprehensive analysis of the drug threat to U.S and also helps to directly deploy a fight against drug trafficking and abuse. There is huge increment in drugs market and Mexico DTOs are the major drug suppliers according to the report.