Inhalants abuse: Short term and Long term Effects

These are the drugs which are snorted. They are used for the recreational purposes. These are the chemical vapors which are used for mind alerting. They are even cheaper and can be obtained easily. But they are as dangerous as they are cheaper, compared to other drugs.

They are classified into four types like volatile solvents, gases, aerosols and nitrites.

Volatile solvents are generally in the form of liquids but they get converted into gases at room temperature. Examples include Gasoline, glues etc. Gases they are used for medication and even for house hold purposes. Aerosol they are even used for household purposes. Nitrites also called as poppers.

The inhalants are being abused for acquiring short term affects but the long term effects may spoil the health of the user.

Short term effects:

  • It increases the heart beat rate of the inhaled person.
  • It causes loss in the consciousness of the person
  • Slurred speech after immediate inhalation of the inhalants.
  • Coordination is being lost
  • Vomiting are being increased.
  • It mainly alerts the brain because of this property it is abused frequently.

Long Term Effects:
By the excess usage of the inhalants they will result in the major health problems and sometimes even ends up with the loss of life.

  • The excess usage leads to the depression and even in some cases the person may commit suicide.
  • Breathing will be a big problem
  • The heart beats in a very irregular way and because of irregular sniffing of the inhalants also the heart attack occurs and finally results in loss of life.
  • By the excess usage of the inhalants the oxygen in the lungs is being replaced by the dangerous suffocating drugs and the person may have problem breathing frequently.