Does Marijuana Affect School and Other Activities?

Marijuana is a very harmful and illicit drug. It has different names such as pot, herb, weed, grass, boom, Mary Jane, gangster, chronic etc. Many children are using Marijuana, and most of them don’t know the negative effects of Marijuana. Memory, judgment and perception are effected by marijuana abuse. Marijuana affects the students performance at school, in academics, in sports, or clubs. Excessive Marijuana abuse makes you loose interest at school and work.

You can see this in athletes when they abuse Marijuana. Their performance gets affected their timing, movements, and coordination will also get affected. Judgment and decision making can be affected by the use of Marijuana. Chemicals of Marijuana also affects the person’s sight, ability to hear, smell, taste and feel things. Because of these reasons a student can loose interest in schools, sports, and in other activities.

So if you compare the drug using students and students who do not use drugs in school, students who do not use drugs perform well in every activity. So you may lose joyful childhood days and good career.

So it is better to avoid using drugs lead normal, happy and successful life with your friends and your family.