Increase in Usage of Mobiles for Shopping

As the usage of smartphones has been increasing among the affluents, affluents are using their smartphones for shopping purposes as well as for buying the articles. And those affluents are the first to shop by using the smart phones. Only the affluent and ultra-affluent mobile users are purchasing or shopping using their mobile phones, according to the report from Luxury Institute.

Among all US web enabled mobile users, 13% of the users are buying online according to the spring survey 2010 done by The percentage compared to the year 2009 has increased and in the year 2009 the it was 10%. Among five people of respondents whose income is $150,000, use the mobile devices rarely for shopping according to “The Luxury Institute”.

According to the report from “The Luxury Institute” on march,2010, the M-commerce usage by the affluents are as follows. The people who frequently use mobile devices for purchasing are 7%, 13% of the people use them rarely, 80% of the people never use their mobile phones for purchasing. When we take the case of ultra affluents, 17% of the people use them frequently, 10% use them rarely, 73% of them never used mobile devices for purchasing.

Among the popular items which are purchased by the affluents using the mobile devices are movie and event tickets. But, the ultra-affluents are using mobile phones for buying the designer bags, shoes, jewellery and automotive products.
According to The Luxury Institute, 7% of the affluents opted in to receive marketing from mobile phones, among the ultra- affluents 8% receive marketing from mobile phones.

Apart from shopping, they are using their smartphones for checking the product information for comparing the prices of the products, getting the descriptions about the products, For information regarding the store. Mobile shopping varies among the different mobile users. In general, ultra affluents are less interested for doing the activities like price comparison.