66 percent American’s are Confident on Small Business : Small Vs Big

There is increase of faith in small-business during the ups and downs of the US recession. There is dramatic decrease in faith on big businesses. Now, 3 times more Americans say that they have lot of confidence in small businesses which constitutes around 66%. Whereas, Only 19% people have confidence in big businesses. According to Gallup poll data, the gap between them has grown since the global financial collapse.

There is no change in the confidence level of Americans in the small businesses from the last year, though they have raised up from pre-financial-crisis. Since the pre-recession days of 2007, only 6% of Americans express very little or no confidence in small businesses.

Why’ American’s Believe in small Business

  • Big businesses are often perceived to have no interest or little interest in many local communities they serve. Whereas, small business owners are in their communities as friends and neighbors.
  • Now-a-days, Congress is putting some effort before it a new legislative to help small businesses for getting credit and to expand their current economic environment. This may give them general recognition that small businesses drive U.S. job growth. Thus, the government has to find some ways to encourage them to expand.
  • Gallup’s political appeal is another reason which may relate to the findings that Americans irrespective of age, income, gender, and ideology have much confidence in small businesses.

In the current economic condition despite Americans’ ongoing support, America’s small businesses are still struggling.