Global Online Shopping Trend Report: Nilsen

There is a tremendous transformation by Internet in many aspects of life. Internet has become a very good medium for shopping goods and services. It is always a good thing to stop by a store to check the products and purchase them. Services like online booking of tickets for traveling, concert has become very easy. The process has become very easy and much efficient.

The survey of Globe Online Trends was based on the consumers who shop online like what they intended to purchase, how they used various sites, what is the impact on social media and other factors which play a role when they are purchasing online.

The survey also identified which products are of interest by consumers / searchers. They also checked online reviews for some products that too particularly consumer electronics and cars. The consumers or shoppers still went by the recommendations of friends.

Benefits of online shopping
There are enormous amount of benefits in online shopping. One of the important ones among them is the advantage of reading the product review. The reviews can be from fellow shoppers or by experts. These reviews are very important and help to decide whether to purchase the product or not. These opinions play a major role in choosing electronic goods. Around 57 percent of online shoppers consider the reviews before they purchase. More than 45 percent of shoppers who purchase cares online go for reviews. The percentage of reviews given by the respondents is as follows:

  • Asia pacific – 49%respondents give their reviews after purchasing.
  • Latin America – 43%respondents give their reviews after purchasing.
  • Middle East / Pakistan – 40% respondents give their reviews after purchasing.
  • Europe – 33% respondents give their reviews after purchasing.
  • North America – 32% respondents give their reviews after purchasing.