Small Businesses Owners Confidence Tumbled Down: Small Businesses Watch Index

According to a new survey by Discover Small Business Watch Index, in June, the small business owners economic confidence became even and halted a two month increase.

There was a dip in the Discover Small Business Watch Index. It was a dip of 86.1 percent in June from 87.4 in May.

There was a hike in the temporary cash flow issue to 51 percent in June which was up from 45 percent in May, as per small business owners. It was reported to be highest since January. Around 45 percent of the small business owners described no cash flow effects which was down from 48 percent in May. 4 percent of the small business owners were unsure.

  • In June, 29 percent of small business owners think that the overall there is improvement in economy which decrease from 35 percent in May.
  • According to 51 percent of small business owners, the economy is getting worse. 29 percent of business owners think that there is overall good improvement in economy. Around 16 percent of the small business owners perceive that there is no change in economy.