Large Share of Truck Makes US Auto Sales to

Auto sales increased in U.S because of increase in consumer needs as well as increase in the product quality. Different auto makers from all over the world are striving for the growth of their market.

According to, during the month of July, the sales of vehicles increased because of the sales of the large trucks. A greater share of around 12.4% was contributed by the Large trucks towards the auto sales and during the past nine months the growth was very high. According to the six largest auto makers of U.S, the trucks and sport-utility vehicles sales increased in the month of July. Apart from car sales, the truck sales of Nissan Motor Co. increased by 52% when compared to an year ago.

According to Edmunds Auto Observer, the sales of the truck sales incremented when compared to the last month. According to the car shopping website prediction, the annual share of the pick up trucks will be around 11.4% of the overall market and it is the largest annual share after the recession period.
Expectations of the large truck shares are around 12%, 12.4%, 12.6% for the years 2011, 2012, 2013 respectively, according to Also, the predicted share for the large trucks will be around 12.6% in 2014.

According to edmunds analysis, the average incentives are around $4,300 for pick ups which is higher than the 65% of the industry average $2,600 for all the vehicles. Thus, huge profits were made on the pick up trucks during the month of July.