Best Trends in Jewelry in 2010 and 2011

The best trends in jewelry are fun, feminine and incredibly bold in 2010/2011. Only few jewelry items are always fashionable. Rest of them keep on changing according to seasons. There are different jewelry items which are best trends in this season such as opulent gemstones, edgy motifs and textured designs.

Opulent faux gemstones: In this year, there is trend in jewelry such as faux gemstones or real thing transparent opulence. One can go for faux gemstones, as they look very beautiful. Other things are big singular baubles or a cluster of faux gemstones in an opulent, they are amazing and eye caching.

One can wear opulent gemstone jewelry with any style or fashion trends. One can wear different pieces of opulent jewelry with full silk skirt to create a festive fashion look. Stunning beaded clutch purse and a pair of metallic open toe heels can be added to give the complete look.

Edgy motif jewelry: This type of trendy jewelry is popular today. Generally, celebrities wear this type of jewelry and make a peculiar appearance. The designs include snakes, flowers, and birds, etc. one can wear this type of jewelry with different fashions, trends, and different styles.

One can wear these jewelry with a pair of crisp denim jeans, long sleeve embroidered cotton shirt and simple trench coat which in cream color.

Textured jewelry Designs: Textured jewelry-designs give a particular style and a unique and polished look can be created. There are hottest textured jewelry-design trends like collar necklaces, link bracelets and chandelier earrings in 2010. One can wear vintage inspired black dress, fitted blazer jacket, stockings and a pair of heel pumps with this textured jewelry-designs to create a special look.

The above few designs are best trends in this year. There are no limits for designs and styles and one can wear this with matching costumes.

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