Small Business Owners Believe in Stockpiling Cash : A Survey

It is expected that efficiency would be key driver for the small business owners in 2010. According to a survey released by Brother International Corporation, about 79 percent of respondents expressed that they are planning to make their company by hiring new employees, increasing marketing budgets and work space. The respondents wanted to be more efficient. About 53 percent of the small business owners believe that stockpiling cash is one of the best strategy for the survival of their business through the current economic climate.

About 15 percent of the respondents who were surveyed are thinking of giving up 10 percent of their company in an exchange for a guarantee which would protect them from negative economic effects in 2010. This is an example of the pressure felt by many small business owners. They are considering to take drastic and desperate measures for the survival of their company.

The economy is the major concern of the small business owners, as the economy effects the survival of their company. About 51 percent of the small businesses who were surveyed expressed that they have been experiencing high stress levels because of the economic climate. Though the small businesses are facing hardships, but they are enjoying owning their own business.