Rise in Workforce Mobility in SMB

According to Kelton Research on behalf of LogMeIn survey of 500 small and medium businesses in U.S. and U.K., SMBs are going mobile.

Key findings

  • Around 96 percent of IT managers reported that their department is viewed as a strategic part of the business.
  • Almost 63 percent of non-IT managers expressed remote access services increases their staff productivity.
  • Around 68 percent of IT managers reported that IT is not just for business devices anymore. They provide support for personal technology which also includes computers and smartphones.
  • 30 percent of IT managers which is about one-third surveyed feel that it is very difficult to explain technical terms or programs while working with the non-IT firms. Conversely, 28 percent of the non-IT managers felt turnaround time or responsiveness to be the most difficult part about working with their IT staff.

As per the LogMeIn SMB IT pulse survey, the SMBs are on the move. Mobility is not just because of enterprises in SMBs. More than 63 percent managers and 71 percent of IT managers agree to remote access services has made their staff more productive. 23 percent of SMB employees do off-site work at least once a week. Almost 12 percent tof the SMB employees work virtually. 51 percent of the SMBs that were surveyed are planning to increase their use of remote access services within 6 months.

As per the survey, 51 percent of the companies which employee both IT and non-technical employees in their firms are currently using remote access services are planning to increase its usage within 6 months.