Car manufacturers Focus on Buyers’ Life Style to Design Cars

Generally fashion changes day by day. It can be applied in case of cars also. Generally people want features like stylish, well powered, easy to drive and good value cars. Different people want different features.

Average age of people buying cars in the country has come down from 39 to 32 from the last decade and the age group of 25 to 30 individuals has become big buyers in the auto market, as it was said by car manufacturers. So because of this there is change in colour of the cars and there is a demand for trendy hatchbacks and high performance sports utility vehicles.

Car manufacturers are dealing with younger customers, who make high purchase and they also want frequently changed cars. They are willing to experiment on new products and they are ready make and experiment with new models.

So car manufacturers are focusing on young customers and their requirements, they try to manufacture the vehicles accordingly.