How Social Sharing is Working for SMB’s

According to a study conducted by, on current trends in email marketing, almost 89% of customers of SMB were intending to increase their social sharing.

Highlights of integration of social media:

  • Emails having at least one social sharing option, generated more than 30% higher CTR than the mails with no option.
  • Emails having at least 3 social sharing icons generated more than 55% higher CTR than mails with no social sharing option.
  • The mails with only one social sharing option constituted to 60%, whereas only 11.2% mails had 3 or more icons.
  • With 62.2% of all social mails, Twitter is more popular; with 62.7% Facebook stands second.

Need for social media for SMB’s:

  • According to the latest statistics by emarketer, in 2010, 57.5% (127 million people) of Internet users use social network at least once a month.
  • By 2014, nearly two-thirds (164.9 million people) of all Internet users are expected to become regular users of social networking.

Based on the above facts, the SMBs should take proper advantage of social media and plan the strategy accordingly.