Yoga and Its Benefits in Sports

The performance of any sport can be improved by the use of yoga as a supplementary exercise routine. Breath is coordinated by movement in different postures in yoga. Various muscles of the body get stretched and strengthened with the hold of these postures. The postures of yoga can be considered as an ideal complement to other exercises including jogging, running, and cycling.

All the major and minor muscle groups are affected by yoga postures that help in improving flexibility. Muscle strength and stamina are important for most sport activities. Solution to imbalance of any muscle development can be brought through yoga. Yoga also increases the ability of mind and body to coordinate with each other and function efficiently.

Mental alertness and good balance is important for skiing. Use of yoga asanas help in strengthening muscles and releasing physical tension. It also helps in increasing concentration and makes the limbs balanced, strong, and relaxed.

Yoga breathing exercises can be done by swimmers which help them in breathing in a relaxed way when exercising. The strenuous sports including tennis and racquet ball require fast reactions to the ball. Practicing yoga helps the players by increasing their concentration, focus and alertness. The advantages of yoga in sports cannot be ignored. The mind and body connection is improved through yoga and this is helpful in increasing focus, attention, flexibility, mobility, energy and strength. These are very much required for staying ahead of competition. Many sports persons are making it a habit of practicing yoga. Yoga teacher training in perspective of sports is also very important. Practice of yoga by sports people under the guidance of a teacher with yoga certification helps in improving their capabilities.