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Find the Role of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Several employment laws are designed for avoiding employment discrimination. These laws are regulated by certain federal agencies. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is an independent federal law enforcement agency in the United States. Its role is to enforce laws against workplace discrimination. The main function of the EEOC is to check the anti-discrimination legislation. […]

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Know Certain Guidelines for Using Electric Fireplaces at Home

Traditional fireplaces make use of coal,wood or natural gas. Now a days everyone is using electric fireplaces to get the effect of traditional fireplaces. Less maintenance and energy savings are one of the main reasons for use of electric fireplaces. An electric fireplace is portable and can be moved from one room to another. Ventilation […]


Mobile Advertising and its Role in SMS Marketing

Mobile advertising is the process of promoting the business and advertising through the mobile phones or through any other mobile devices to increase the sales and for wealth maximization. The message can be sent to the target customers as text message and it directly reaches the customer. The Mobile Marketing Association gives the guidelines for […]

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Handheld Barcode Scanners Making Business Operations Easy

Various industries have been using barcodes for tracking inventory and other purposes. Barcodes are in the form of labels attached to various products. Barcode scanners read the data present on them. Among various types of barcode readers, hand held barcode scanners are one which ease business operations. Symbol scanners are commonly used handheld barcode scanners, […]


Know Some Guidelines for Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Marijuana addiction causes serious physical and mental side effects. Marijuana drug testing like saliva drug test, urine drug test and hair drug test is necessary to be implemented at various organizations. Drug testing is not the only step of stopping addiction. Special treatment programs have to be conducted for discouraging marijuana addiction. Some guidelines can […]


Impact of Marijuana on Employees

Safety and discipline are the most important characteristics to be maintained at workplaces. Marijuana abuse among employees may alter these characteristics. Marijuana abuse has very serious impact on employees. Attention, memory, and learning skills of an employee are altered by marijuana addiction. The drug also impairs motivation and psychomotor skills of the user. Lack of […]


CII Report on Growth of Service Sector of Indian SMEs

CII Business Confidence Index was released for second quarter of 2010. The responses were collected from 14 business outlook indicators from small business owners. Some of the indicators were capacity utilization, gross sales, new orders, expansion, employment, credit availability, and exports. The business confidence index of overall SMEs including industry and service sectors was found […]