Cyber Attacks, a Big Concern for Indian Small Businesses

Cyber attacks are the most serious problems faced by many small business all over the world. Data loss was considered as a serious problem by about 67% of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in India. Internet is used by small businesses to improve marketing. It was also used to create fruitful partnerships with clients, customers, and stakeholders. However, cyber attacks on these solutions are providing many vulnerable risks from SMBs.

Enhancement of backup, recovery, and archiving solutions was implemented by about 80% of SMBs of India. Around 51% of them were still in the process of installation. When compared to any other larger firms, cyber attacks were more prone to cyber attacks. About $9.9 billion was spent on IT by Indian SMBs in 2009.

Servers and computer set-ups were targeted by cyber criminals only for technical credibility. Information of a company is known by them for achieving financial benefits. Personal information, credit card information, and banking information of small businesses leads to underground economy. Cyber attacks were arising due to lack of proper security set-up by small businesses. It was found that 58% of SMBs were involved in backing up their data on a daily basis. Solutions such as data de-duplication and other technologies could be used by small businesses to avoid cyber attacks.