Find the Role of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Several employment laws are designed for avoiding employment discrimination. These laws are regulated by certain federal agencies. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is an independent federal law enforcement agency in the United States. Its role is to enforce laws against workplace discrimination.

The main function of the EEOC is to check the anti-discrimination legislation. Proper actions of the laws which are designed for workplaces are ensured by the commission. The EEOC laws are applicable for employers, labor unions, and employment agencies having at least 15 employees.

The commission has the responsibility over the Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964. Any discrimination based on race, gender, nationality, color, and religion, is prohibited by the Civil Rights Act. The EEOC has also responsibility over the Americans with Disabilities Act which protects disabled Americans from discrimination at workplaces. According to the Act, reasonable accommodations are provided to the disabled employees at workplaces. It is the responsibility of the EEOC to ensure the provision of the accommodations. The commission is also responsible for checking the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. This Act protects people above 40 years of age form discrimination in job-related processes such as hiring, promoting, firing and so on.

The EEOC collects demographic data on job applicants and employees from employers. It checks whether there is any possibility of discrimination at the workplace. Certain guidelines are given to the employers regarding the occurrence of any type of discrimination. The commission receives complaints of discrimination from the victims. Before filing a suit against the employer in a court, it is necessary for the victim initially to file a complaint with the EEOC. It then investigates the processes related to discrimination in the company.

Therefore, EEOC plays a very important role in providing assistance to the sufferers to get fair judgment.

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